Choosing the Right Lagiqq Device

Choosing the Right Lagiqq Device

The Lagiqq devices are placed into the ear canal and work by converting natural oestrogen produced by the brain into androgens. The oestrogen released by the brain is converted into androgens in the body which then have a direct effect on the functioning of the male reproductive system.

Oestrogen in the body is known to cause a drop in the testosterone levels of a man’s spermatozoa which lowers the sperm count and motility. This results in impotence, loss of sexual desire and weak ejaculation.

The Lagiqq Ear Spoon device reduces or eliminates the androgenic effects of oestrogen and restores the function of the male reproductive system by increasing the levels of testosterone, which in turn increases the sperm count. This provides relief from all symptoms related to menopause and also helps in keeping sperm counts high.

One of the main issues with the Lagiqq devices is that some are uncomfortable for users due to the device being placed in their ear. To help overcome this problem, the Lagiqq Company developed the Ergo MediHelix, a smaller version of the Lagiqq Ear Spoon designed for placement in the ear canal.

The Ergo is gentle and comfortable and is designed to fit securely over the ear drum. It also includes an audio output to help assist with relaxation during use. Users of the Ergo can wear it for up to eight hours at a time without discomfort.

The Ear Whisperer Device is a complete device that covers the ear canal and has an adjustable headband to help reduce pressure on the ears while wearing the device. It comes with a manual for easy use as well as a storage bag that will help preserve the device.

Other models of the Lagiqq devices available include the Sport Ear Spoon, an ergonomic ear spoon designed to ensure that a man has no problems sleeping with the device. The Gear Ear Spoon is a sturdy design that allows a man to wear the device all day long and provides several modes of use, including active and passive exercises which help to maintain muscle tone and improve circulation.

All Lagiqq devices are backed by a limited warranty. There are also over-the-counter devices available to purchase.